Thursday, September 29, 2011

Patience no more.

I am done, fed up, cooked to seething.

Six times in the last twelve months I have had doctors or dentists keep me waiting. Not the usual, ten or fifteen minutes. Even though keeping anyone waiting should never, ever be the norm. With health care providers it is. It never used to be like this.
I am talking twenty, thirty or the occasional seventy-five minutes!

The boys dentist kept us waiting 30 minutes the last two visits, I only gently complained. Before it got out of hand at the third appointment, 10 minutes I chimed in. Only to be apologized to, led into the back rooms and left to wait another fifteen.

My dentist, left me waiting 20 minutes. On my way out I received a coupon for a loaf of free bread from the nice bakery in town. Note. If your health care provider has free bread cards on hand, you are probably in for a wait at least once. It's hard not to tell some one where they can put their loaves. But my teeth were shiny and I was out the door, so I say "oh thank you" and bend over.

Two months ago I was left to wait in the small exam room of a doctor I had seen previously.
At thirty minutes I stepped out and asked when the doctor would be in. Oh, just a few more minutes, I was told.
At 45 minutes, I grabbed my coat and purse and headed down the hall. Oh, it will be just a few more minutes, please have a seat, can I get you anything, "Yes, I said my lost time". Ha ha.
Sixty minutes, I am again, walking out the door. This time a new person stops me, apologizing, he hands me a five dollar coffee card. Wow, awesome! Thanks, now I have something to drink with my bread.
Seventy five minutes, my coat is on, purse in hand. Doctor walks in. Apologizes and let's me know I am his last patient since it's now his lunch time and I can have him for however long I need. REALLY! How about you keep your crappy coffee card and give me back the last 75 minutes of my life!

What I need is a doctor that cares about their patients and not just their MB car payments and spousal support for trophy wife number three.

Today, I walked out.
A doctor whom I had seen three previous times before let me down.
At twenty five minutes past my appointment time I asked the nice girls at the counter when I might get in. Just one minute, we'll check. One is now scanning the computer, they give each other the look. One goes down the hall I won't get to see today. She comes over to me. I am really sorry she says, Dr. K is in with a patient and there is another patient in front of you. What the hell! So, I calmly ask "so about how long do you think"? Probably, maybe, another fifty minutes, she says. Are you F'n kidding me I yell into my own brain. Well I say, I can't wait that long, I have to go.
Then I am let in on a little tid bit. This yahoo, has the receptionists overbook him on purpose. I am quietly told that out of all the doctors, he demands to see the most patients.

Well, Sir, as I am out of patience and you are now one less patient.


  1. The only time I remember waiting that long was once in a dentists office when a woman came in with a busted tooth as I was being led it. She was in a lot of pain and someone was watching my one and three year old. I told them to take her first. The better be spa services in the waiting room if I am hanging out that long.

  2. I have no problem with waiting because someone else has a major issue and had to get in. They should have the courtesy to let you know that it's going to be a longer wait.
    But over booking for the sake of making more money at the expense of your patients. It's unacceptable and it's happening all the time. They are sending a message that their time is more valuable to them then ours is to us. Screw it. I am not putting up with it anymore. And my knee hurts, this sucks and now I am looking for a new orthopedist.

  3. What is even more ridiculous is that if you dared to show up 75min late to see the doctor, you would have been sent away and possibly charged for missing your appointment.

    That said, my ex is a doctor in Anchorage and has tried very hard to grow his practice to meet the needs of his patients. No offense to your state but it's damn hard convincing non-Alaskans to leave the lower forty-eight.

    The food coupons (cough, food stamps) had me giggling. Such an odd way to appease a disgruntled patient.


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