Sunday, September 4, 2011

It was a Fair Day.

At the suggestion of my husband we arrived at the fair 20 minutes early prior to opening. This is a very good thing and will be done in the future. Upon entering the gates of hell, NO, I mean fun fun fun for all land, Jack immediately gave me his best I want cotton candy face. Cotton candy comes after all the ride tickets are gone. All eighty tickets, costing $80 dollars. They called these the "super saver" package. I have a few choice names for it also. But they are more carney worker words and not fair going Mom words.
On to the rides.
Jack wanted to ride in the carousel carriage.

Brodie was enchanted with the black stallion. Pure joy.
Now on to the kids roller coaster. Not sure why it costs 4 tickets each, but oh well, the boys had fun. I don't know the people in the car behind Jack and Brodie, but the look on the little girl's face is priceless. Poor thing is not happy.

Brodie was all thumbs up on the copter, it had a horn. Horns are cool.

This will probably be the last copter year for Jack. He kept yelling at the operator "go faster, go faster". Apparently his didn't have a horn to occupy his 60 seconds of fun.

With the Gravitron, Tilt a Wheel, fun slides and numerous other rides under their belts, we headed to buy cotton candy and then off to the Kid Zone. A big thank you to friends that loaned me some money. I didn't know you could only pay cash for ride tickets. I was down to ten bucks and didn't know the pass code for the Visa card. Ooops, rookie mistake for me!

Since we got their early this place wasn't jammed packed. So the boys got to use the robotic cars and topple hockey pucks and then on to the Leggo table. They each built a robotic Leggo machine(no help from me) and stood in the middle of the walk way to show off their mad Leggo skills. Daddy, they did good!

So after seeing the kookaburras, kangaroos, and emu. In the, oh crap this building smells like crap area. I had to con Jack to walk through the doors it was so bad. Not sure how those Aussies down under can live like that.
We headed to the Pirates for Hire show. This gave the boys a stable place to finish off their cotton candy and continue rotting out their pearly whites.
In the presence of skeletons, cotton candy is now pirate booty.
And mustaches.
I swear this child was not coerced to stand with the pirates. He went up on his on free will and then stood there as if he were invisible or scared stiff.
Until he go to hold a real metal sword and fight of Capt. Hook.

Jack being, well our Jack. I was afraid he would try and give ole Hook a run through. But he listened very intently and had a lot of fun.
Kudos to the men and women of Pirates for Hire. They put on a good show and were great with the kids afterwards. I wish they were local and I could hire them for a party.

So, it's off to the stinky fat pigs, bunny, cow, reindeer, giant scary turkey barn.

And GIANT pumpkins!
Then off for fair food and snacks and working our way out to the gates to release me from this, fun fun day. This is a good thing. The wind is now gusting and blowing dust and after five hours my knee and feet are starting to hurt. But, it didn't rain. Thank the heavens above, not a drop!

I was wrong. We are not done yet. With the gates in sight Brodie spots puppies! Not just any puppies. Puppies owned by Iditarod champion Martin Buser.

Martin Buser saving Brodie from the frisky pup.
Thirty minutes later and I have now realized the highlight of fair day was sitting in a 10x10 foot pen playing with Martin Buser's sled dog puppies. I am thinking next time I should just pay Martin a few hundred bucks to come over to the house with his pups and entertain my boys. It would be cheaper than going to the fair and my feet wouldn't hurt. I may even throw in some corn dogs and popcorn for effect.


  1. Yeah, those pups are ADORABLE. I mean, the cotton candy and pirates look fun too. But the dogs win. Of course, if there had been funnel cake, that would have trumped the pups. By a very teensy tiny margin.

    That said, I totally expect to be invited to the puppy hoedown at your house if and when you have it.

  2. Oh my gosh, Martin Buser has that great Swiss accent, I could talk with him all day. Very charming and cute. So the puppies were icing on the cake.
    And of course you will be invited! After all, you only live 4,000 miles away.


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