Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rolling Bears, Dancing Halibut? Only in Homer.

Homer VFW Color Guard

For those not in the Homer know. Homer is a small, quaint fishing, artys town at the end of a very long road. You have to work at keeping yourself busy in the winter and Homerites, know how to do it up!
We took the boys down this last weekend for the Homer Winter Carnival. We did not know the carnival was going on before we left. But we fully embraced the activities upon our arrival to The Spit.
The parade was an absolute hi-light of our weekend. Starting off with the traditional color guard(my favorite) and moving on too some less traditional, but very amusing attractions.

No fishing town would be complete without it's very own rolling creepy bear, even creepier Mardi Gras person in silver lame down pants and the strange, yet original, Homer News papergirl. I think she is half yeti, half lhaso apso.
Rounding out the quirky fun, is the truck with goats.

A great big thank you to all the wonderful volunteers in Homer that helped put together this awesome display of small town Americana.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Palin the Warmonger

She said it on Fox News this morning. If Obama wanted to get re-elected in three years he would "have to go to war with Iran and support Israel". Are you KIDDING me? She wants the United States to be at war with three countries in the Middle East? And really piss off all the other countries, by supporting Israel militarily. Israel has a fine military, they don't need our help.

Has she lost her damn mind or did she never have one? Is she blind or stupid? How can she not see what the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have done to this country. Recession, Debt, Depression, Death. A war in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan are wars this country could never win. EVER. Of course she never had an idea as to how we could support or win such wars, going on at the same time. Three wars, three countries, triple the debt, triple the deaths.

This person has no touch with reality. Her supporters are blind followers of so called "simple talk" and "folksy words". There is nothing simple or folksy about saying our country needs to start another war. A war with Iraq is a war with China and Russia. Sarah Palin can you say NUCLEAR POWERS?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bye bye Mr.Henckle

So, I order a smell good giant wax bar and a warmer for my son's pre-school fundraiser. I usually don't partake in smelly good stuff, it makes me sneeze. But, this seemed fairly non-offensive and I admit, now that it is the middle of winter, my house could use some make it smell good freshening.
So the company Scentsy sends the stuff in two small boxes via UPS. I could have waited for snail mail and they could have passed the savings onto the pre-school, but it is what it is. Besides, the boys love the big brown truck pulling up in the driveway.
The giant lavender scented wax bar does not come with directions. The only way I can see to get the square out for melting is to cut it out or dump the whole bar and start cutting that way. I go with option number one.
Grabbing my oh so handy Henckle serrated knife, I go at it. When I have cut the bar, I give a little pull upwards to release the waxy square and SNAP!
I have had this Henckle knife for the better part of 15 years. It has cut everything from bread to tin cans with nary a problem. Mr. Henckle is now in three pieces.
I now feel like the delicately scented bars of wax from hell have beaten me down. I no longer want to sniff it's delicate aroma as it wafts through the house. I want to watch it burn in a fiery bonfire, outside, away from all things delicate and smell goody.
So long Mr.Henckle, you will be missed.