Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sarah Oh Sarah

Sarah oh Sarah, where art thou?
In Hong Kong or New York?
We know your trip will be short
For your children are here and they miss you my dear

For this is your State and some people think you are great
On this I disagree, for you ran away fast
You sealed your fate thinking you might be late
your 15 minutes was shrinking and you went away shirking
counting all that cash set your fate

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Recruit Calls Home!

Dylan called home for the first time after arriving at Camp Pendelton two days ago. He already sounds exhausted and there is chaos in the background. It was good to hear his voice and I am sorry I didn't hear the phone sooner. It was at 12:30am and I just didn't get to it in time. But, I am glad the machine was able to record it and we look forward to playing it when he is home for Christmas.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This is what the fence at pre-school looks like when it is backed into by the Fuelinator. Of course there were people around that all looked my way when it went THUNK.
And it didn't help my pride any when Jack ran around the playground saying "We shouldn't have hit that fence" and "I am soooo sorry we hit your fence".
John is now on deck to fix the post and fence when he gets back from the slope. Lucky guy.
I am now sipping my morning latte and trying to figure out how I can angle this situation and get a new car. Fat chance.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Go Homerites!

The fisherman of Homer united to create a message against ocean acidification. I am not completely literate on the subject. But some scientists are blaming massive coral reef die offs on it, among other things. But the Goreologists seem to blame everything on fossil fuels and global warming so who knows?
What I do know, is that it took great patience and some smart planning to get this many boats in a circle and spelling out words all while adrift in KachemakBay. Kudos to all the men and women at the helm.
Now how about a peace sign!