Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Morning....Huh?

Wake up, trudge my way into the kitchen. Latte, must make, my Monday morning latte.
What the hell is that? Upon further and closer inspection, I discover that a miniature Playmobile sword has been jammed into the espresso elixir dispenser unit of the fancy, schmancy, espresso maker.
Apparently, the little one in the house that goes by the name "Not Me" tried to conquer Sir Saeco with a sword. No one wins these kind of games.
Fortunately, for Not Me, I am well versed in sword extraction and all is well with or Monday world.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Beware of the Zoomies========

Driving South on the Glenn yesterday, toodling along around 70mph. Out of NOWHERE came a black Corvette and a black 335i, damn near airborne. Blew my doors off probably going 120 minimum. Completely out of site within seconds. I am exhilarated, jealous and not looking forward to the collision that may be around the bend. Like my Father in Law says, "bad things happen fast at a hundred miles an hour".
But no, these drivers were sooo lucky. I see one trooper drive North, then a second one, then an APD officer. And I am thinking do these cars have a cloaking device.
Nope, there they are, side by side at a very under the speed limit 55.
I don't know what kind of detectors they had, but I want what they have.
It is Zoomie Season in Anchorage, soon the two wheeled weavers will be hitting the pavement.
Best to buckle up, wear a hard hat and check your mirrors, cause they are out there.