Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Morning....Huh?

Wake up, trudge my way into the kitchen. Latte, must make, my Monday morning latte.
What the hell is that? Upon further and closer inspection, I discover that a miniature Playmobile sword has been jammed into the espresso elixir dispenser unit of the fancy, schmancy, espresso maker.
Apparently, the little one in the house that goes by the name "Not Me" tried to conquer Sir Saeco with a sword. No one wins these kind of games.
Fortunately, for Not Me, I am well versed in sword extraction and all is well with or Monday world.

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  1. (laughing) "not me" (laughing). My niece and nephew, Olivia and Anders, fondly go by "Anders did it" or "Olivia did it."

    Great blog! And thanks for the link! I'll be back (wink).


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