Friday, April 2, 2010

Beware of the Zoomies========

Driving South on the Glenn yesterday, toodling along around 70mph. Out of NOWHERE came a black Corvette and a black 335i, damn near airborne. Blew my doors off probably going 120 minimum. Completely out of site within seconds. I am exhilarated, jealous and not looking forward to the collision that may be around the bend. Like my Father in Law says, "bad things happen fast at a hundred miles an hour".
But no, these drivers were sooo lucky. I see one trooper drive North, then a second one, then an APD officer. And I am thinking do these cars have a cloaking device.
Nope, there they are, side by side at a very under the speed limit 55.
I don't know what kind of detectors they had, but I want what they have.
It is Zoomie Season in Anchorage, soon the two wheeled weavers will be hitting the pavement.
Best to buckle up, wear a hard hat and check your mirrors, cause they are out there.

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