Monday, March 8, 2010

What an Oxymoron.

What is wrong with this picture? Could it be Sarah Palin hocking Christian Dior glasses in a Las Vegas shop? Yes that is right folks, step to the FAR right and check it out.
Sorry Sarah my dear. Normal Josephines, don't sell designer glasses. They don't work for Dior. And honestly, most people from Waaaasillllla, don't know Dior from Buster Brown.
No wonder it's a head shot. Dior reps couldn't get her out of those classy, naugahyde, Naughty Monkey peep toes.
I am really close to banning all Christian Dior products in my home. Close, not quite yet, but close.

A big thank you to Gloria Dementoff for Facebooking this great shot.

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  1. My plan to ignore her and hope she just goes away doesn't seem to be working.


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