Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rolling Bears, Dancing Halibut? Only in Homer.

Homer VFW Color Guard

For those not in the Homer know. Homer is a small, quaint fishing, artys town at the end of a very long road. You have to work at keeping yourself busy in the winter and Homerites, know how to do it up!
We took the boys down this last weekend for the Homer Winter Carnival. We did not know the carnival was going on before we left. But we fully embraced the activities upon our arrival to The Spit.
The parade was an absolute hi-light of our weekend. Starting off with the traditional color guard(my favorite) and moving on too some less traditional, but very amusing attractions.

No fishing town would be complete without it's very own rolling creepy bear, even creepier Mardi Gras person in silver lame down pants and the strange, yet original, Homer News papergirl. I think she is half yeti, half lhaso apso.
Rounding out the quirky fun, is the truck with goats.

A great big thank you to all the wonderful volunteers in Homer that helped put together this awesome display of small town Americana.

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