Sunday, February 7, 2010

Palin the Warmonger

She said it on Fox News this morning. If Obama wanted to get re-elected in three years he would "have to go to war with Iran and support Israel". Are you KIDDING me? She wants the United States to be at war with three countries in the Middle East? And really piss off all the other countries, by supporting Israel militarily. Israel has a fine military, they don't need our help.

Has she lost her damn mind or did she never have one? Is she blind or stupid? How can she not see what the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have done to this country. Recession, Debt, Depression, Death. A war in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan are wars this country could never win. EVER. Of course she never had an idea as to how we could support or win such wars, going on at the same time. Three wars, three countries, triple the debt, triple the deaths.

This person has no touch with reality. Her supporters are blind followers of so called "simple talk" and "folksy words". There is nothing simple or folksy about saying our country needs to start another war. A war with Iraq is a war with China and Russia. Sarah Palin can you say NUCLEAR POWERS?


  1. Ms.Palin, I believe that if you are gonna play on the sexiest type card you should really try to be more sexy.

  2. What, spank me leather boots and peep toe heels aren't enough?


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