Friday, August 19, 2011

Geocaching-Alaska style

With the boat in the shop last month John and I decided to catch up on some geocaching out at Eklutna Lake. So we packed up the boys and headed North.

Fashion forward BrodieLooking for ways to cross the stream. It must have seemed like a raging river to the boys.

If you can't go over it, go through it.

Time for a break. Otherwise known as waiting for Mom and Dad to catch up. We are old and slow. They are young and spry.
After about 30 minutes of searching, we found the cache. This was a good thing because it was starting to sprinkle and none of the men folk had jackets. I was smart enough to wear a big cotton sweatshirt.
Note to the Farthings, the geocache is not under the tree!

And then the clouds opened up and it didn't just rain it poured buckets. Every lake sized mud puddle had to be run through. Brodie said he was a puddle monster, Jack was a 4-wheeler.

We made it back to the car in about half the time it took to find the geocache location. It was a good thing I wore my tie dyed sweatshirt. I looked like a waterlogged hippie just leaving Woodstock. Note to self, fleece may be a better rainy day choice.


  1. Those pictures of the boys splashing around in the puddles resulted in this train of thought:

    1) They're having so much fun!

    2) That is one messy mess of a mess (blech).

    3) Huh, when did I forget how to have the most basic of fun (sigh).

  2. John and I talked about that as we walked the trail behind them. Wow,they are having a blast, how come we don't run through the puddles too.
    Then we got to the car and had to strip them down to their underpants before they sat in their car seats. Brodie wound up naked since he didn't put undies on with his swimshorts. OH,that's why we don't run through puddles anymore. Adults get arrested if they drive naked.


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