Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let it f'n rain!

Screw you old Sorels buried in the closet for years. Kiss arse ugly Xtra Tuffs, you now live on the boat and only the boat. So long Columbias, I have had you so long your once cute pale blue hue has turned to an odd washed out grey.

Move over old and ugly. There is a new pair of boots in Stephanie's closet world.
I would like to thank Mr. Weitzman for making fabulous rain boots. I love his shoes, but his boots are like fine driving gloves for the feet. Even the rain boots, no leather, just rubber and sparkles.

Opening a heavy, dark blue, Stuart Weitzman box is like opening a Tiffany's box for the feet. You know before lifting the weighty lid and pulling away the layers of tissue that something wonderful lies just below. A surprise, like biting into a Godiva truffle.
Slowing lifting the treasures out of their tissued tomb, will they fit? First the right, then the left. Perfect, they fit perfect!
Bring on the rain and a Burberry umbrella.


  1. So, so, SO cute. They are sure to make puddle-jumping way more fun (and fashionable).

  2. Best thing, my hair can be a rained out mess and all anyone will see are my sparkly boots.


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