Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Sad Day is on the Horizon

August in Alaska.
Everyone is trying to cram all the amazing things they were going to do this summer into 31 days. Good luck people. If you didn't go kayaking down the Yukon or climbed Denali, you are too late. But don't worry. You will have the next eight, cold, dark months to dream up more fabulous plans for next summer.

The days are shorter, the bugs are big and the spiders are fat with nasty baby spiders.
Autumn is near when the spiders make the big gushy splat when swatted with your husband's shoe.

Most kids will be in school this Monday. Jack and Brodie are younger so their school starts in one week. There are new sneakers in the closet and creased clothes hanging, with strict orders attached "Mister,don't even think of wearing that new surfer shirt until school starts". Not sure why I bother. It's only going to take one ketchup laden hot dog and it's a wipe out. Why break tradition now? My Mom said the same thing to me. I never really cared for school. But the anticipation of wearing all the new clothes, the forbidden fruits of a summer gone. How could I not love the first day of school!

The worst part of summer's passing, is the boat. Our first summer on Stor Fisk is winding down.
One more three dayer on the boat with the kids and that's it for overnights until next April. Maybe a few weekend days in September? I already told the guy that married me I am not interested in seeing Prince William Sound in November. Freezing my arse off in gales is not my idea of fun. Been there, done that, got paid. Won't do it again.

Never have I enjoyed a summer more than this one. The storing of the Stor Fisk, will be a very sad day. But the anticipation of April 2012, will be like the first day of school so many years ago.


  1. Big fat juicy ones always lurking in the doorways.

  2. Back-to-school clothes rock.

    And if I had a spider in my doorway, I'd never come home.

  3. Wouldn't it be awesome to have someone take you to Nordstrom once a year and buy you everything you need? And not have to date them!


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