Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Patience no more, part deaux.

Ten days ago I called Dr.K's office and requested my knee x-rays and cd. I spoke with a fairly confident woman in the records department. She put me on hold to double check that they had them. Oh yes, they are here. They will be ready Friday. I tell her no hurry, I can't get there to pick them up until Monday at the earliest.
Wrong thing to say.

Today, with John driving and Jack hacking in the back of the car(sick day for him) we headed to Anchorage and Dr.K's mega office. I tell John not to bother parking, the packet has been there for days. "Are you sure" he asks, Oh yes I say, no problems now.

Hahahah, jokes on me!

I step off the elevator and a nice young lady asks if she can help me. This is promising. No 25 minute wait, to be told it will be another 50.
I tell her why I am there. Oh just one minute, I'll get them. Several minutes later I am handed a tiny manilla envelope. Uh, this isn't my cd and x-rays, I say. She is dumbfounded. Let me explain, my x-rays are in an x-ray type gigantic envelope. It is marked X-RAY.
What is in the mystery envelope? Nothing but paper saying what kind of goo was shot into my knee. This does me no good. I know what kind of goo it was and which knee it went into. I need my cd and x-rays.

She asks several kind of useless questions. Who did I speak with? When did I speak with them? Were they in records? Don't know, ten days ago, yes.
She leaves me again.

She returns. We don't know where they are, it could take awhile to find them. No, I say. I need them now. I can talk rude because I left my regular glasses in the car and I am inside an office building wearing dark Jackie O glasses. I am incognito.

She leaves again, another woman returns and asks the same dumb questions. I tell her nicely, but firmly. "I need my x-rays now. My appointment with my NEW doctor is tomorrow".
She leaves.

Six minutes later a very nice woman hands me a very large envelope marked X-RAY with my name on it. She says the cd is there too and walks away.

Note to self. Self, dark glasses inside can be a good thing.


  1. Any woman residing in Alaska who can rock Jackie O sunglasses is alright in my book.

    Two years in a row my (former) OBGYN claimed my records were at her other office, an office I had never once visited or even known of. "When did you start the pill?" the nurse asked as she began my annual check-up. "I don't remember. Why don't you look at my chart?" I never went back.

  2. It will be a hoot when the pregnant woman goes in with her husband and the nurse asks when she started the pill. Ooops,wrong file.

    I am thinking of writing a letter to Dr.K. It seems like never going back is just a silent protest, that no one will hear. It won't matter, he obviously doesn't care. I think I need more closure. A glass of wine and a closure letter. What a perfect fall evening thing to do.


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