Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Flag is Flying

As some of you may remember back in May someone stole the flag off the front of our home in Eagle River. That flag had been flying since Damian left for Iraq. I wrote a letter to the editor in ADN (about halfway down the linked page) and went about replacing the flag pole and mount. A week or so later we got a call from an ADN reader who wanted us to have a flag, a very special flag, to fly at our home. Jeff Brewer gave us his flag that flew over the U.S. Capitol building in honor of his Father, Robert E. Brewer, on November 28th 1991. Well today I finally finished building our new flag pole, got the new mount on the house and started flying his flag.
A special thanks to Jeff and his family for sharing this flag with our family and allowing me to honor his Father by flying it.


  1. Makes my heart pound just a little harder when I see a flag in someone's yard!

  2. What an emotional day when John sent us this page from his family website. Dad would be so very pleased and honored. God Bless your family and sons for their service to our country.

    Jeff Brewer

  3. Jeff it is our family honor to fly your fathers flag.


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