Monday, July 27, 2009

The Governors Picnic

On Saturday we decided we needed to get the boys out of the house, just so happens the Governors picnic was going on, so off we went. We took our old Lincoln (Gerty) as the boys love to ride in it and I had not had it out yet this year. When we arrived we found lots of people in line for food and lots to look at.

Jack and Brodie with Boomer the Alaska Aces mascot.
Jack very reluctantly got inside the Air National Guard Black hawk to get his picture taken aiming the mini-gun. Dylan was very jealous.
After that we decided to go look at the food line and holy cow there where about 500 people in line. We decided that a walk downtown to our favorite hot dog vendor was going to be better than an hour in line for a bad hamburger. Off we went down town, stopping to pet all the funny stuffed animals in front of all the tourist traps. We got our dogs, then started back to the car. We stopped off at Grandma Grandma's (my Grandmothers) to say hi then headed home.

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