Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something to do on a rainy day....

When Jack was just a little over one year old he got what we call the "the peanut car" from his Grandma Orsini. When it was new it looked like the one below

Jack is now 5 years old and the peanut car has made trips all over. Its been to Ninilckik, Anchor River and Homer to name a few places. It also sat outside in the weather for all those years and was looking a little tired. So the other day when it was raining the boys and I decided that it needed a rebuild. Into the garage we went. We took the wheels off, removed the steering wheel and got to work. After doing lots of sanding, masking, painting and waiting (plus some late night special work by Daddy) we where done.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present the new and improved "Hot Rod Peanut Car".

I think Brodie likes it...

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