Monday, June 29, 2009

At the salon......

So I am sitting in the chair getting my hair done, chit chatting with my awesome stylist Denise and I tell her about the rant my husband made about Michael Jackson and the media storm. Here is what he said on Facebook

I must be the only person on earth that was not all upset that MJ died. Its not all that shocking to me. What is shocking is that our media is focused on that while Iran is crushing protesters, Korea wants to nuke us and our president (and his friends in Congress) are trying to pass the biggest tax increase in history.

I totally agree with him.
So as I get done saying and Korea wants to nuke us. A woman sitting in a chair 7 feet away butts in and and says "That's not true, the nukes are aimed at Hawaii" so I say "I think my husband meant Us as in, aimed at the United States" so big mouth no brains buttinsky says "yeah but they are aimed at Hawaii".
Did the fumes from my hair color seep into her brain and kill all the cells? I just kind of nodded and smiled, tried not to roll my eyes or give the "you are such a dumbass" look to her.

Perhaps we could ask Mr.Kim Most Esteemed Dictator if he could aim a little nukie at this woman's residence. Great damage has already fallen upon her brain, so why not let him free up some of our air space.


  1. What an embarassment as a U.S. citizen; she must have flunked geography with a HUGE "F-"!

    Tell John, that I agreed with his statement too on Facebook. I've never been a huge MJ fan; he was talented however.. and a LOT of "creepy".

    Oh.. I went to H.S. with John; love reading your blog and it makes me homesick for AK..

  2. I meet people all over the place that went to Bartlett with John. It cracks me up. I feel like I am just a lonely loser in a sea of my husband's friends.
    He is definate contributor to this blog, so I am sure he will read your post.

  3. But they ARE aimed at Hawaii. She must by eating off the same lead plates as Mr.Kim Most Esteemed Dictator.


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