Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shhhh, don't tell my husband, but I made a huge mess!

The previous owners of our house had an infinity for adhesive backed carpet titles, I am not so fond of them. After I realized the entry had ceramic title under the indoor/outdoor maroon squares, I decided to get rid of them. That adhesive is strong stuff and now I have single handily created a big mess. Yes, the adhesive will come off, kind of. The areas that I used Goo Off did okay, but are still sticky and it took a lot of work with a wire brush. The areas that I used MEK(methyl ethyl ketone) bad stuff, took a little less work, but are still sticky and the entry reeks. I am now researching for something less hazardous to the air we breathe.
I am not a very good do it yourselfer. I prefer to hire someone or add the project to my husband's ever lengthening honey do list. This does not bode well with fishing season just around the corner. Oh, but how I dislike that maroon carpet.


  1. you might check and see if that gel-like paint stripper stuff will work on it.

    Here's the real secret to using it, though: Cover it up with plastic and let it sit for a good long while. Might not need as much stewing as on eight layers of paint on wainscoting (can you tell where I got my first-hand experience?), which was overnight.

    Find an inconspicuous corner of ceramic to test it on, though, just in case....

  2. Your wainscot sounds a lot like our whole house. We let the gel stripper sit too long on our windowsill a few years ago. When we scraped, it took off the paint and plaster right down to the metal flashing. It still looks awful, but we figure when we sell the place in 30 years it will be someone else's sill to fix.
    I think it is worth a trip to SBS and a try on the tile. Even if it takes longer, it would be better than the caustic fumes that are still emitting from my last go.
    I should take up watching NASCAR.

  3. The floor looks great now. You should a post a picture of that.

  4. Thank you, and it only took the bemoaning of a 19 year old to finish the job!
    The stairs are my next victim.....don't tell John.


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