Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Murkowskis need to Buck UP!

In the 2009 Muni of Anchorage Notice of Foreclosure pamplet there is a company, Garcia Investments Group LLC/Nancy Murkowski 25% that owes back taxes in the amount of $22,826.00 Muni property records show that our pal Frank the Bank also owns 25% of this company and is listed as a property owner on this parcel.
This property 313 E. Street, a property that was once held by New Frontiers Ventures, LLC, which was co-owned by Lisa Murkowski, her husband and her parents, Gov. Frank and Nancy Murkowski. The property was sold to Garcia Investment Group, LLC in 2003 ie Frank and Nancy.
This property is valued at over 1.4 million dollars.
Why can't these shiesty millionaires pay up on their taxes? We pay our taxes on time and with little, but some complaint. Where is the civic mindedness of the Murkowski clan? Why are we paying our share and they aren't?
Come on Murkowskis, buck up and pony up the money.

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