Friday, April 10, 2009

I guess I wore him out.

This is what happens when you take your three year old for a walk to the mailbox and follow it up with some serious yard play. He falls asleep while eating dinner.

Then he wakes up very unhappy and wants a hard boiled egg, a mushroom and strawberries for dinner


  1. Looks like he gets extra pizza, too!

    But seriously, what three-year-old eats mushrooms? That's just wild.

  2. You have some darn cute sons. I really had no idea he could sit that still.

  3. Brodie is our veggiesaurus. He will eat so many veggies we have to cut him off. Then a fit will follow with "I want more cawwots, gimme cawwots".

    John and I always look back on chemistry class "two negatives equal a positive".

  4. Wacky kids!
    Too cute when they zonk out at the table! Makes for some great photos! I have one where my daughter fell asleep in my lap with her head on my plate.


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