Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Too cool not to post.

We just found this slide in a box that was sent to me by my Mom. This picture was taken by my father, 33 years ago from the viewing platform of the Empire State Building. It is of my sister, myself and our Mother. We aren't so fabulous, but the Twin Towers in the background are pretty awesome. That same day we went and had lunch at the World Trade Center. My Dad called the morning of 9/11 and we talked about that day, so very long ago.


  1. What a great memento. the closest I ever got to the Twin Towers was on a Close-Up school trip to D.C., and we changed planes in Newark, N.J., and we could see the towers on the skyline.

    Do you mind if I put a link on my blog of yours?

  2. I love the D.C. high school trip. Loads of kids on buses, the smell of diesel and Cheetos in the air. It's a classic trip that all teenagers should take.
    You go right ahead and link us on your blog, we feel so honored. We have enjoyed yours for quite some time. I do miss Kodiak.


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