Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Hallmark Day!

Or, as the ever so romantic men in my family they like to call it.
Happy Candy Flowers Roses Day
A big thank you to my husband who spent a lot of time searching for someone to deliver Gladiolas. I threw a cog in the roses wheel last week and said I would prefer my favorite flower over the overrated, over priced, generic roses that seem to spew out of everywhere on this particular day. He tried, but couldn't complete the task over the last few days. Apparently someone has to keel over in order to get gladiolas. The flowers that did arrive are very pretty and have snapdragons, another favorite of mine. So the man done did good. But, with Mother's Day not too far off, I think a bit more planning on his part and gladiolas should be in order for the day. Hopefully, I will receive them when I am alive and kicking. They will look much better on the kitchen table then draped over the pine box!

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