Thursday, June 16, 2011

A horse of course.

So, those in the know are aware that Jack hasn't done so spectacular at group sports. Indoor soccer this winter was a disaster of epic proportions and left me dreading Saturday mornings. There were melt downs, tantrums and refusal to play, even though he played really well. The noise, general chaos and bright lights were a catalyst that could not be stopped.
Now that Jack has been diagnosed with Aspbergers, it all makes sense now.
But,it didn't make things easier.
He wants to be involved with other kids and participate in sports to "get out there". So, when he said he wanted to ride a horse, well, I jumped on it. Why hadn't I thought of that! I was about 60% sure he would hate it. The kid doesn't really like our family dog. Why would he take to a 1,000 pound beast with big teeth. But, it was worth a shot.
His first lesson was today.

Upon meeting Deshka, Ms.Laurie let Jack brush her and clean out her hooves. I think this builds trust with the horse and the little rider.
Then Ms.Laurie showed him how to walk Deshka and Jack got to walk her around by himself. He was not supposed to turn and look at her while walking and he looked straight ahead the entire time. Rules are rules.
The main event. Up he went on a special soft saddle. This allows the kids to feel more of the horse and the way it moves. Jack had so much fun and really seemed to take the giant beast and all that riding entails. This includes.

Cleaning up the stable for Deshka. A small thank you for being such a gentle and kind horse.
Thank you Deshka and Ms. Laurie. What a great morning!

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  1. Great for Jack. He looks really pleased with himself. Maybe a jockey one day????
    Tell Jack that Grandma & Grandpa R. are proud of him.


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