Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wake up Wisconsin!

Calling all union members of Wisconsin. Wake up! What the hell do you think you are doing? Do you really think this is the time to strike?
I am sorry to hurt your feelings, but I don't give a shit if you lose your "collective bargaining".

Your state, the great State of Wisconsin is hurting and you are contributing to it's pain. Did you not hear that Wisconsin has a 3.6 Billion dollar shortfall? Do you not care, that the union can help? You can stand together as Union Members and say "We care about our State, We care about our neighbors and our communities".
Are you so selfish that you do not care about your State, how about your Country. All eyes are on the Wisconsin Union members. And let me tell you, what we see is shameless and self centered.

My husband works hard for his employer and has done so for 15 years. He does not have collective bargaining. He gives the maximum to his 401K and he pays thousands of dollars every year so that his family can have health coverage. It is not the best. But we do not complain. We are thankful for what we have. We don't whine or snivel and demand more. We take the benefits as they come and make do. We pay our way and do not depend on the backs of our neighbors to make our fiscal lives better.

Wake up Wisconsin Union members. There are 13.9 MILLION Americans that do not have jobs. They will glady take your place, sans collective bargaining. They will willingly pay half into their pensions and 12.6 into their healthcare. They want to feed their families, pay their rent and put gas in their cars.

May I suggest you get your sniveling asses back to work on Tuesday and count your blessings you still have jobs. Because that, is the American way.

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