Friday, January 22, 2010

Jacks Big Jump

Jack and Brodie have been taking swimming lessons for quite a while. It has been a long struggle to find the right mix of pool and instructor for the boys. Bartlett pool was too cold and had big classes and Swim Like a Fish was a long drive and the pool was too small (among other problems). Then we stumbled onto the Alaska Club lessons. The first month or so looked like more of the usual problems but then we got bumped to two day a week classes that where empty. This left just our two boys in a class with a very good instructor. She worked for one month with the two monkeys and this is the result...

While its not a miracle, it sure is nice to see Jack doing something that he has never done before.

Here are a few more

And finally a custom message to two particular readers

Not to leave Brodie out, he did put his head underwater this lesson and that is a big step. For the last three months all we have heard is "its scary under water".

Good Job Boys.

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