Monday, January 4, 2010

And off he goes Again.

No picture in this post. Just a blank space, which is how I feel.
Dylan just left for the airport, returning to Camp Pendleton for combat training. Then he will be off to Pensacola, Florida for aviation training. After all that, we don't know.
It occurred to me last night that I don't know when I will see him again. After bootcamp we knew he was coming home and how much leave he would have. The leave after bootcamp takes up all the new recruits earned leave and left him with a negative three days. This does not bode well for a Mother wanting her son to come, if only for a few days.
I know I should be thankful that he was home for the holidays, and I am. It's just so hard to see him go away again. Even the dog knew he was leaving and got between him and the front door.
I should probably be a good Marine Mom, buck up and all that stuff. But tonight I think I'll have a glass of wine and a good cry.

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