Saturday, January 17, 2009

What happend to winter?

Ugh, what is up with this weather?, what happened to my winter? I was so hoping for more frigid weather to try to dispel the myth of global warming..

Quote from the ADN today
"Anchorage recorded its warmest Jan. 16 ever this morning as warm Chinook winds raised the temperature at the National Weather Service office on Sand Lake Road to 50 degrees. The previous record high for Jan. 16 was 44 degrees set in 1926 and 1992, the service reported. The morning temperature also tied the second-warmest day in Anchorage for the month of January. The record high January temperature is 56 degrees, set on Jan. 7, 1934.

Weather records have been kept in Anchorage since 1917."

I just want it to be cold again and maybe a little snow to cover up all the windblown debris in the yard.

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