Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It ain't easy being green.

I am now on the hunt for No VOC paint for the boys room. This is becoming an eye opener. Both for the twisted way companies word things on their websites and the not so competent employee I encountered at Lowes the other day. According to him, ALL of their paints were zero VOCs. Well, this is absolutely not true. I doubt by the quizzical look he gave me, he didn't know what the three letters meant. As in, no volatile organic compounds. You know, the stuff that can make our kids sick and our house stink for days. I will continue my quest for a greener healthier home. But I think all this late night research will make me sick.


  1. Sherwin Williams has the Harmony Line. They are down on Commercial and can pretty much color match any paint chip you have. Are you sure you want to go this route? Paint fumes make you feel silly. Headache and nausea that follows is for the birds though.

  2. Don't believe them, those Sherwin William people! The paint is low and no VOC, BUT, the colorant they put in it is all VOC. So if you want to be healthy you can go with their bucket of basic white. I don't like white, I like colors, lots of vibrant non toxic colors.


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