Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blackhawks Rock!

 A great big thank you goes out to the Alaska Air National Guard and Captain Hernning and his crew for bringing their totally awesome Blackhawk to Jack and Brodie's elementary school! They landed this big bird right in the middle of the soccer field.
 Oh course, Jack was perplexed to see a helicopter at school. The kids were in awe and so excited to see it there.
 Jack is asking Capt.Hernning why we can hear helicopters before we can see them. Then as they walked to the rear of the helicopter Jack looked up at the tail and said "oh that's the elevator" looking up higher he then said to Capt. Hernning "and there is the rudder". I later heard the captain telling his flight crew "that kid over there pointed out the elevator and the rudder"!
                                                                   Climb aboard!

 The crew kept the Blackhawk at the school all day for everyone to see and climb on. After school was over they fired it up and took off. But not before they did several low level fly bys over the school.
                                                                Loud, fast and low!

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