Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rott in a Brat

A few weeks ago while driving from Palinville to Bubbaville(Palmer) we stopped off at the local grocery store and found this guy. Yup, he was all decked out in his Sunday's best Doggles. It was sunny out and I applaud the owner for protecting his Rotti from the rays and flying rocks. His chariot being an ancient Subaru Brat. The owner wants to take good care of the dog that protects his sweet ride and in thanks, the dog barked like crazy when John took the picture.
This caused Jack and Brodie to go into hysterical laughing at the barking dog with glasses.
I love this State.


  1. How does Sasha not have a pair of these yet?

  2. Our poor deprived dog has to ride in the back of the Fuelinator. If we had a 1984 Subaru Brat, she would have Doggles for sure.


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