Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Go Ahead, Hit Me.......

To the driver of the car that tailed me down the hi-way today. I am not going to speed up in a construction zone. I am not going to get a double fine traffic ticket because of you. I will continue to drive 55mph. No more, no less.
Please feel free to rear end my car with your wimpy, pathetic, Ford Explorer. The last person to rear end me wiped out a fourth of her car. I didn't even FEEL it!
I hope you spilled your cheap cup of gas station coffee in your lap, when you swerved to get in the fast lane. Maybe next time you should quit yapping on your crappy cell phone and put out your stinking Marlboro.
Trust me, chick. You are not, you will never be, even in your wildest dreams a Nascar driver. So go ahead and take off that cheezy number 3 sticker from your back window. I know you did your best Dale Earnhardt imitation today. But remember, he is DEAD.

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