Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Day at the Musuem

Do I want to take the boys to the museum, my friend Emily asks.
Sure, that sounds like fun. So, I pack up the boys on a rainy yesterday and head to Anchorage. Since the museum is in expansion mode, I didn't know where the new entrance was, so I parked on the street a block away, my spot, as usual. The boys tumble out of the Fuelinator(no exaggeration,they really did tumble). Jack slowly, ever so slowly puts the coins, some quarters, but mostly dimes and nickles into the meter. Mental note, need more parking quarters in the car.
As we go walking to the entrance, I say "stay out of the puddles". But Jack says "we have our boots on". Point taken, but snow boots are not meant for puddle jumping. But I was too tired to make the distinction "fine, go ahead and walk in the puddles". Walking must mean conquer in pre-school language. They took on the lake sized puddles with mucho machismo. Puddles conquered, now let's walk away from the parking meter.
Come to find out the new entrance is about another block past the old entrance. Rain, rain go away. So we stroll past the Calder like sculpture outside the previous entrance. What's that mommy, it's a Calder like sculpture. What's that Mommy, it's a sculpture of a seal and a whale, isn't that nice. What's that Mommy, it's an outhouse honey. Apparently there is a new outdoor exhibit at the museum, "A Day in the Life of a Construction Worker".
Where is that damn entrance?

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