Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gladiolas or Bust

This is the closest thing to a gladiola that I am getting for Mother's Day. It's all I wanted, a simple country flower for a simple girl. My husband on Valentine's Day promised that without a doubt I would have gladiolas on my Oh so Special Day.
And now, the day before my Oh so Special Day, he has informed me that no gladiolas will be delivered. He failed in his one husbandry task. I never asked him to promise my favorite flower on my Oh so Special Day. He said it willingly and of his own free will.

Stolen flag, Bowling Day, Fish Hatchery, tire changeover, 12 days of illness, 4 nights in a row of a poopy toddler, two campers in the driveway, leaves are raked, dog is fed, kids are clean.

Not One Gladiola


  1. Bad John. I see a day completely free to use your spa gift cards to make up for this greivous error. And there better be some gladiola's the table when you get home . . . dinner too.

  2. Amen to that Sister Emily, Amen to that!


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